Coming Up At St. Paul

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Free Monthly Concert Series: Sponsored by Community UMC 507 West E. Street, Butner, NC 27509. Check out their website for more information:

Morning Prayer: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00am to 7:30am for morning prayer using the prayer book: Common Prayer- A liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.

Missions: Sarah Wilcox will be going to Mexicali, Mexico to serve as a missionary for this summer. Please support our missionary with prayers and emails. You can also read her blog:

An Evening at Sacred Grounds
June 8th Don Smith an Alan Phelps
June 15th Bruce Emery and David McKnight
June 22nd City Folk
June 29th Lisa Beverly and Heartstrings

Urban Ministries: St Paul will be serving Urban Ministries the 4th Saturday of each month during 2013. If you are interested, your next opportunity will be June 22nd. Meet at church at 10:45am.

Prayer Team: If you wish to be notified when there is either sickness or death in the church, contact Linda Lane (919-477-8684) so your name can be added to the call list. Thank you for caring.

New Worship Planning Meeting: Wednesday June 5th at 6:30 in the Coffeehouse.

Baby Bottle Blessing: Fill a baby bottle with change, cash or checks supporting Pregnancy Support Services. Bottles and information can be found in the back of the sanctuary.

Youth Group: The Youth Group needs YOU! There is an opening to cook for the youth Sunday night meal. If you want to volunteer for June 30th, please contact Marianne Ward at 919-943-5490.

Block Party: Saturday, June 15th from 4 to 7 pm in the Pavilion. Come meet your neighbors, enjoy games, listen to live music and have some fun! We need help with bringing baked goods. Call Susan Frate 919-620-0105

Community Worship : Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30pm starting June 19th in the coffeehouse St. Paul will be starting a new creative modern worship service. We need the community of St. Paul to invest in this new effort that God is leading by offering prayer, being present, and helping with childcare needs. Our hope is that this will give birth to a new community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ within the context of St. Paul.

Need more information about St. Paul or prayer? Please contact one of our pastors.

Pastor – Rev. Mark D. Stephens
919-383-5879 (h)
919-452-5765 (c)

Co-Pastor – Rev. Steve Murphy
919-797-0850 (h)
919-410-8273 (c)

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