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August 27 – Marigold Collective

Marigold Collective began when Larry Bach, John Gillespie, and Jack Frost gathered on Jack’s porch in the Fall of 2020 to share some songs and alleviate the stress of the pandemic. Each invited a friend from earlier musical endeavors, bringing Ames Herbert, Linda Grenville, and Keirsten Hill-Douglass into the project. What began as a song circle gradually grew into a full-fledged band with a repertoire consisting of classic songs by Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and John Prine alongside originals written by Larry and John. Their first shows in late 2021 earned glowing praise for their eclectic song choices and joyful spirit, and The Marigold Collective are eager to share their music with more audiences in 2022. This is their 2nd trip to Sacred Grounds.

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