April 22 – Don Smith and Daniel Gibbons

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Don Smith is well known to our Sacred Grounds audience.  He was a regular performer here for a dozen or so years and has performed intermittently for the past 4-5.  Tonight, he returns with a very special guest who comes to us from — literally — the other side of the Earth.  Daniel Gibbons retired from the Royal Australian Navy several years ago and then earned his teaching degree after which he recently taught elementary school. Discovering that teaching is an incredibly hard career,  he then undertook his yoga teacher training certificate and now teaches the occasional yoga class here and there.  He also performs at coffee shops, restaurants and small clubs in and around Canberra, the Australian capital.  Playing guitar, mandolin and banjo, Daniel covers such well-known American artists as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and The Band.  He also covers a number of Australian artists such as Paul Kelly and The Waifs.  Tonight, Don and Daniel will combine their talents to bring us an evening of country, folk and pop music from two continents half a world apart.  We hope you can make it out to hear what we think will be a *very* interesting and different kind of show.

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