July 1 – Dancing Hammers (Friday Night)

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Robert Burns and Victoria Van Arnam combine their passions for hammered dulcimer, eclectic music, and education into a dynamic concert experience. The Hammered Dulcimer, predecessor to the piano, is over 2,500 years old. It is known across the globe for its beautiful, unique, and ethereal sound. Dancing Hammers creates intricate compositions with deep harmony and drone. The blending of ancient instruments with modern sound is accessible, engaging, and entertaining. Robert shares his life-long passion and love for music by performing on the hammer dulcimer. Robert enjoys an international following and is a full time Musician, Composer and Music Educator. Victoria fell in love with the sound of the Hammered Dulcimer when she was seven. She began playing in 2009, in 2011 she became a full time musician and has never looked back. She has since preformed and recorded with multiple musicians.

dancinghammers.comDancing Hammers 2 for Web

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