Sept 20 – Prime Ingredient

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Bobby Ledwell, better known as (Bobby Miracle) and Thomas Weeks, better known as (Tom Cat) are the originators of Prime Ingredient and are two well polished drummers whose abilities were brought together by the power of God to form these magnificent sounds. Bobby was a drummer for entertainers such as Joe Simon, Mel and Tim, Candi Staton, Barbara Mason, Betty Wright, Roy Roberts, The Invaders and many more. Thomas also was a drummer for entertainers such as Rise, The James Herndon Singers, The Twilights of Durham, John P Kee, True Devotion, Duke University Mini Movie Production of Ivy Tower which won a Tele Award and many more. Bobby converted his talent to the lead and rhythm guitar and Thomas converted his talent to the keyboard. Both have vast knowledge and abilities to produce music, not only for themselves but for others as well. Bobby and Thomas produce all kinds of music, Gospel music, R&B, Beach music, Country-Western music, you name it these guys got it. Our friend, Dan Clodfelter who runs concerts for JFK Towers, said this group has the best Motown sound he’s heard so you need to be at this concert.

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