Dec 8 – Triangle Folk Ensemble Christmas Concert @ 7:30

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Triangle Folk Ensemble brings the spirit of the season to the Sacred Grounds stage with nine of the area’s finest folk musicians. You’ll enjoy an evening of holiday songs, new and old with TFE’s distinctive arrangements and vocals offered for your listening and sing along pleasure. Last year you saw “TFE Abridged.” This year Triangle Folk Ensemble will fill the stage with nine of our members:
Cindy Emens (vocals, guitar and autoharp), Christine Olson (vocals and autoharp) along with Doug Pratt (autoharp and dobro) are familiar faces in the Triangle area. Doug recently released an incredible CD called “Who Said, “You Can’t Play That On An Autoharp?””
Ilona Kusa and Joe Haskin bring the lilting strains of their mountain dulcimers.
Gene Roberson, an accomplished local song writer and lead guitarist (whose talents are prominent on Doug’s CD), will share at least one of his own holiday songs.
Jeanne Faulkner (hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery, penny whistle, autoharp, guitar and vocals) lends and blends her many talents in our group this year.
Sheri Breitenbach (vocals and autoharp) special strength is her ear for harmonies.
And last, but certainly not least, is Andrew Beach. Andrew is our 16 year old musical virtuoso. Andrew asked if he could play bass for us (and can he play bass!) but then unassumingly let us know that he also plays guitar, drums, piano, flute, bells, mandolin, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, tin whistle, and euphonium. No, “16 years old” was not a misprint!

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