Nov 17 – Eric Thomas @ 7:30

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Eric Thomas has been playing guitar since 1965. He began by playing the Rock ’n Roll, Rhythm ’n Blues, and “Beach Music” tunes that were popular in the mid and late ’60’s. Over the years he has played a wide range of material in a number of different bands. He has played in venues ranging from coffeehouses to private parties and from Rock ’n Roll clubs to country clubs. These experiences have enabled him to incorporate the blues, traditional acoustic, and country tunes into his musical inventory. More recently, his collaboration with his wife, Helen Wolfson brought the influence of Celtic music and lyrical waltzes into his music. That collaboration, “Constellation”, is presently Eric’s primary musical effort.
Eric’s solo show will predominately incorporate his original music, mostly from his solo repertoire. A few traditional tunes may be salted into the mix as well. Eric has written songs and instrumentals for all of his musical life. His songs tend to be songs about real-life and topical issues, though sometimes with a humorous twist.

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