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Blake Addison Oct 29 @ 7:30pm

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Blake wrote “My music is about people, and their relationship with our Creator. God loves us so much, and wants to be a part of our daily routine & lives! All of the songs that I wrote on the “Unreachable” were God inspired and pulled right out of the Bible. I am giving back to Him what He has so freely given to me! The gift of music!!” Blake has been performing since he was 15 years old – in 1985 he formed a band called CREAM OF SOUL which was one of the most sought after cover bands on the east coast. They opened for various national acts such as B.B. Kink, Glen Frey, Joe Walsh and Boston. In 1999 Blake moved to Nashville to enhance his songwriting and worked with some of the premier songwriters. Please come out and welcome Blake to his third appearance at Sacred Grounds – he’s a very talented performer.